“Tantra is an ancient spiritual tradition of beliefs and meditation and ritual practices that seeks to channel the divine energy of the macrocosm into the human microcosm”

During my unique style of Tantric bodywork, I use my experience with Meditation, Breathwork, Reiki and other forms of energy work to channel sensual energy to the recipient. This clears and opens the Chakras, allowing the body to experience heightened positive stimulus.

Through a variety of touch forms, including laying on of hands, slow rocking, gradual compressions, soft feather strokes, light tingly scratching, vibration, slow gliding strokes and deeper kneading motions, to warm, comforting, body to body envelopment, I slowly will melt away all the stress, release all tension from the muscles, whilst stimulating every nerve ending, clearing the path to greater pleasure. The tantric journey is meant to keep you on the edge of sensual bliss for an extended amount of time. Think of it as taking the scenic route; enjoying every step of the journey rather than racing to the finish.

Our sensuality is our most natural and innate part of ourselves, and Tantric healing honors and celebrates this aspect of our nature. As a result, stress melts away, energy increases, emotional healing can occur, and a profound sense of well being resonates through our mind, body, and spirit.



Weekdays only (Monday thru Friday) – 12pm to 7pm

Private location on the north side of Chicago. (Sorry, no outcalls)

🔴⭐️**Minimum 24 hours notice required, same day appointments not available.**⭐️🔴

To schedule, Please send a thought out and well written email to the address listed below, introducing yourself and providing some basic information such as your name and prior experience (if any) with Tantric healing.

(One sentence emails will be deleted)

Screening is required in order for me to feel safe seeing you. If you are P411 or RS2K verified let me know and I can screen you through either site.

I am RS2K verified: https://rs2k.ch/profiles/profile.html?id=Mistress-Jasmine

I am very selective about who I see and the verification / screening information I require includes full name, primary phone number, primary email, and a pic of your ID (you may cover up address and ID number, as long as your name and photo is clearly visible)

In addition, I may need any or all of these additional verifications: A selfie of you holding your ID (you may cover up address and ID number, as long as your name and photo is clearly visible) and either one or (preferably) two references of currently active providers with links to their current website or advertising, or if you have no references, employment information such as a link to your LinkedIn profile. If you are not comfortable being screened, please seek a different provider. There are no exceptions.



Sacred spot work additional $50


1. Proper Hygiene; please arrive freshly showered and clean.

2. Be a respectful gentleman. Rude or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in termination of the session.

3. Please ask permission before touching me; whilst at appropriate points in the session, RESPECTFUL mutual touch can be permitted, I do not appreciate anything along the lines of grabbing/groping/prodding/poking etc.

❗️Tantric bodywork only; not an escort service. No exceptions, don’t even ask. Thank you.